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During a time of rapidly rising housing prices in Ontario, the dollar amounts paid to Realtors as these homes change hands also rise. So it is no surprise that home buyers and sellers may question whether using a Realtor makes sense when buying our selling their home. Our task was to show the value that Realtors bring to the home buying and selling experience.

OREA - Buyer Spot
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OREA - Seller Spot
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Ryan Edwards was tasked with continuing our well-established “REALTORS® we do the homework” for a fall 2016 campaign. However, this year the budget available was approximately 25% of previous years which made broadcast media infeasible.


Traditionally campaigns have positioned Realtors as the hero of the transaction, but we felt this was backwards. The Realtor is the advisor to buyers and sellers, who are the real protagonists of the story. We developed concepts that focus on the benefits of obtaining advice from well-trained and experienced professional who can guide and help people to make an informed decision about the biggest investment of their lives.

"What you see your Realtor doing is only the tip of the iceberg. Years of experience and training leads to a very practiced eye."


We needed a visual medium to show what is going on inside the head of Realtor, but couldn’t afford TV. So we structured the creative so that it could work equally well in a 15 second YouTube pre-roll ad, 30 second programmatic spot and in a 90 second paid Facebook post. We also needed versions represResultsboth the buyer’s and seller’s experience. Finally, we needed a way to meaningfully extend the creative into regular social posts targeted at Realtors, in the hopes that they would in turn share the post with their networks.


  • Over 14 million video impressions
  • 3.1 million full video views
  • 3,300 Facebook shares
  • More than 100,000 website visits