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Magnet is a not-for-profit initiative co-founded by Ryerson University and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. Launched in fall 2014, Magnet is an innovative social networking site that links employers to qualified student job seekers using technology incubated at Ryerson University’s DMZ (Digital Media Zone). It’s primary goal is to address unemployment and underemployment, specifically as it relates to youth and new immigrants. We were brought on pre-launch as their creative partner to help devise a launch strategy that made Magnet stand out among its youth target audience by connecting with them through social content that stood out in their feeds.

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Getting the attention of university students is difficult at the best of times. They’re tech savvy, plugged-in and consuming and sharing content all day, while also attending classes, studying and even working at part-time jobs. Our challenge was to create awareness of this exciting new network among university undergraduates and recent grads, and to aggressively drive sign-ups.

We conducted research with recent graduates to find out how they were feeling about their future job prospects, and we also studied the social media behaviour of those currently in the workforce. From this we were able to create a voice for Magnet that was relatable to university students without being outrageous for the sake of it.


The creative messaging was built on exploiting a unique intersection point—the contrast of those complaining about going to work and those struggling to start their careers —and led to the creation of the #MondaySucks campaign, which delivered a one-two punch of being both relevant and relatable. Our lead video featured a recent graduate delivering a rant while walking down the streets of Toronto about how much Mondays suck. Shot handheld and in one take, it was crucial that the video not come off as a slick ad, but rather feel like a video that our target audience could see themselves creating because it looked and sounded just like them.

The early success of the video—5,000 views in a few days—led to additional video-inspired content produced specifically for Magnet’s Facebook and Twitter channels. Some of the best clips and quotes were turned into a series of compelling images that filled our followers' social timelines to inspire additional views and registrations. By amplifying this content with Facebook and Twitter ads, we were able to reach 500,000 and increase Magnet’s followers on Facebook and Twitter.