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A Future That Fits

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Since Ryerson’s Continuing Education school was rebranded as The Chang School in 2007 we’ve worked to keep this unique institution top-of-mind among adult learners at a time when there is more and more competition from other post-secondary institutions and alternate learning options delivered online. Our job is to inspire busy working adults to see their career story as having many more chapters and that The Chang School has the quality of courses, instructors and fellow students to help them achieve their goals.

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Every campus of every college and university within the GTA offers some form of Continuing Education aimed at adults. Instead of trying to outshout the competition about the hundreds of different programs and available courses we use a different approach.

From our launch campaign in 2007 to today, we have put the emphasis on the student, their ability to succeed through education and their desire to find themselves as belonging to a community vs. simply taking a course. Quite simply, we want students to feel that the Chang School is an ally on their journey who respects what they are trying to accomplish both personally and professioanlly.

The Chang School is radically overspent by its GTA competitors every year, which we overcome by supporting awareness-driving campaigns with hyper-targeted approaches through an aggressive use of digital and social media marketing. For our latest campaign, we noted that many of the competitive schools in the GTA focus on heritage, commitment to quality education or breadth of course-offering, but very few focused on the very reason that students seek out Continuing Education—to get themselves to where they want to be in the future. We had to do more that put a student’s face in an ad like so many of the competitive schools. We had to break through, especially in digital, with a bold, iconic expression of the Chang School that had stopping power and copy that blends the goal a student is seeking with the reality of squeezing continuing education into a busy life.


Our latest campaign “A future that fits” positions The Chang School as not just a place for people who are passively taking a course to improve themselves or their career prospects. We want prospective students to see The Chang School and the broader opportunities at Ryerson’s evolving downtown campus as the place where people with drive, ambition and a focus on the future attend. In addition, we recognize that continuing education is something that has to fit into a busy work and life schedule.

The focus on this blend led us to some interesting creative territory that's heavy on metaphor while appealing to both the dreamer and the pragmatist by letting them know we've got the courses, certificate and programs you want that you can take in-person and/or online.

Awareness driving creative on radio and transit wraps during key enrolment periods is supplemented with year-round use of video, social content and marketing, search marketing, online display, programmatic and retargeting… and measured continuously. There isn’t a day we are not connecting with potential students.